Sibley’s Orchard is well situated in the leafy residential area of Leverstock Green. Originally a private house it was purchased in 1969 when the local Rotary club decided to ‘sponsor’ a house as the inaugural property of the Abbeyfield Hemel Hempstead Society (in 1989 the Abbeyfield Hemel Hempstead Society merged with that of Berkhamsted). It was converted and a modern extension has been added with a light and airy conservatory at the front of the house. It contains eight bed-sitting rooms on the ground floor and two flat's on the first floor (there is a chair stair lift available). In the past one of the rooms has been used to provide accommodation for temporary guests who for various reasons only wish to stay for a short time although this is not the case currently. It had been the case previously that following a number of short stays a guest has made the decision to become a permanent resident of the house.

The house is virtually opposite Holy Trinity Church (C of E), and only minutes away from Leverstock green community centre and a range of local shops. There are a number of bus routes nearby which service Hemel Hempstead town centre, St. Alban’s and Watford for those who wish to venture further afield. As with all our Abbeyfield houses residents are completely free to come and go as they wish and are simply asked to let the house manager know if they intend to be absent for meals.

At Sibley’s Orchard there is a team of excellent cooks who are responsible for providing the delicious home cooked meals overseen by the dedicated House Manager who is responsible for the welfare of the residents and the day to day running of the house. There is also a team of overnight sleepers who are on call overnight so residents are reassured that there is someone on hand if there is a problem. A deputy housekeeper is available for her days off and also remains on call overnight so residents are reassured that there is someone on hand if there is a problem. A large garden which is beautifully kept surrounds the house and there is a small car park at the front. Many of the rooms have a door leading directly into the grounds and there is also access through the dining room. The garden has a number of benches and chairs for the residents use and is used to host an annual Garden Party for all those associated with the Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Abbeyfield Society.

Sibley’s Orchard in common with all Abbeyfield Houses asks that each resident has a sponsor. Each resident is asked to nominate a trusted relative, friend or professional advisor to be a sponsor who can be contacted and consulted in case of emergency. The role of the sponsor or advocate is to support the resident, ensure that their interests are met and to liaise on their behalf with the Society if circumstances require it. For example this may mean taking responsibility for arranging for appropriate ‘personal care’ if this becomes necessary as this is not a service that Abbeyfield Houses in this area are able to provide directly. Sponsors are encouraged to visit residents regularly as are family and friends and occasionally it may be possible to arrange overnight accommodation within the House is there is a room available.

As with all Abbeyfield houses the management of the house is undertaken by a volunteer house committee who work closely with the house manager and who are always available to residents or staff if needed.

  • Sibley's Orchard Address

SibLey's Orchard

Bedmond Road

Leverstock Green

Hemel Hempstead


House Manager: Carron Byfield

Telephone: 01442 242823

  • Sibley's Orchard Location


We are currently full in two of our houses but we do have the following available:

St. Mary's House

One Room in main house. Please telephone the Deputy House Manager on 01442 247553 or our Senior House Manager on 07398144086 for more details or to arrange a visit.


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